WeeZee and ACCESS Join Forces to Create ASK

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BY | Paige Rosoff and Louise Weadock

We are thrilled to join forces with ACCESS Healthcare Services to introduce ACCESS Sensory Kids (“ASK”) as the new therapy division at WeeZee – The Science of Play. With the success of WeeZee’s current program and the multi-sensory experience that our gym offers, it’s the perfect fit that we combine our therapeutic and clinical services.

ACCESS Healthcare Services is a 30-year health giant and the parent company of ASK and WeeZee- The Science of Play. ACCESS and WeeZee come together to learn from one another and combine their services to create the first clinical program for children that integrates key therapy services – Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), and Speech Therapy (ST). ASK provides key therapy services to children with autism, Sensory Processing Disorders, developmental delays, ADD and ADHD, eating and swallowing disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s syndrome, and many other conditions related to developmental delays and mental behavioral issues. Combining WeeZee’s sensory knowledge and facility with ACCESS Healthcare Services’ 30-year healthcare experience, finding the best therapeutic option for your child has never been easier.

According to Louise Weadock MPH, RN a registered psychiatric nurse, 30-year SD/SID researcher at John Hopkins University and founder of ACCESS  Healthcare Services, WeeZee – The Science of Play and ACCESS Sensory Kids, “Parents often become lost in the number of therapeutic options after they are told that their child needs ‘services.’ That’s when they enter the world of ‘T’s’ and ‘Ds’ – PT, OT, and ST. We will help them learn what the best and most effective services are for their child, including those with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, ASD and SPD.”

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