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nursing staff I have
had the pleasure of working with has
been phenomenal ..."

-Betty Lim, MD, Assistant Professor,
Hertzberg Palliative Care Institute/
Mt. Sinai Hospital

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ACCESS Healthcare Services offers IT and Healthcare Staffing solutions, ranging from core clinical and patient data platforms to complex billing environments. In addition, ACCESS Healthcare Services provides corporate and business staffing solutions ranging from application development and multi-platform systems integration to network security and technical support.

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ACCESS Healthcare Services is a homecare and case management company, providing clinical care for patients in need of short-term or long-term care.

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ACCESS Healthcare Services has built a loyal client base among patients and the nurses who serve them over the past 25 years. ACCESS Healthcare Services has relationships with the largest and most diverse pool of nurses in the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions.

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Let ACCESS Healthcare Services make the job search easier. With connections to thousands of top hospitals and medical center administrators throughout the country, our experienced recruiters can connect you with connections, training and job opportunities to truly succeed in your career.

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